Etiquettes that confirm you belong to Tourism Industry

1. You just can't afford a monotonous job profile
If you can't sit on a chair & do the same work for 6 days a week, then Congratulations you have found something from the mistery box. Tourism helps you explore new places, sitting on the same chair & turning the globe around you. Each day is a one way trip No day is ever going to be the same but will let you explore the new you

2. You are Gragarious & talkative by nature
When you cant keep silence at work, you need more people to talk & meet apart from your collegues & boss then turn around your backs to the world, Tourism is waiting to take you into its arms & wrap around the world Tourism is all about customer dealing meeting new people, exploring the new side of the face. Be a part of some one's life time memory. Create it with your own skill. Industry needs artists

3. Your needs are beyond salary and incentives
When you dont get a satisfaction with your salary & incentive, you always carve for a complimentary trip or a luxury stay at a weekendgetaway on a budget rate & get treated like family relative of hotels then kick off your job and give your career a chance with Tourism the most awaited exciting industry of the time

4. If you can manage the thin line of profession & party, this industry is the most invited
All you have to do is manage yourself and carry to the party. Yes party tourism industry aims to gather under one roof, and if you can get along with such a criteria your presence is awaited

5. And when you need a sponcer for your travel along with big fat salary
Yes! you have read it right. Get paid for your travel. Escort a group and your company will not only sponcer your trip, but will also pay you for handling the group. Isnt it fun? Like getting paid for travel is the most glamourous things that can happen to oneself. Charge up your phones and get ready to escort one group! Check where your destiny leads to

6. Do you love to flaunt your planning skills? Come we will give you a platform
When you have excellent planning and organizing skills you will indulge yourself into family picnic plans and get togethers But dont limit yourself to picnics explore the new you by giving yourself a chance to get paid for the plans. Enhance your skills with us!

7. According to you if knowledge is wisdom and you need to learn all throughout your job life then
Its so wisely said that we are always learners. God imparts the knowledge and if you need to continue learning new materialistic things and if you are technology freak and if you cant afford to miss what is going on across the globe, you need to have friends from.all over to know all what happens. The only space which allows you to do so is your work which leads your interaction with varied people

Blog Written By: Moina Munshi

Grooming Tips one should always keep in mind.

1. Carry yourself with confidence
It is never about how fair beautiful or handsome you are, but about how neat and clean you carry yourself to the ramp. Confidence means a lot when it comes to grooming. Always make sure there are seldom marks visible on your body. Wear less of ornaments as possible. Avoid traditional garments to the extent possible.

2. Use solid colors
Wear solid color clothes, when it comes to casuals during any time in the industry. Among girls while wearing earrings should make sure to wear one with a solid color, avoid fancy designs and long earrings. Men should avoid piercing anywhere on the body keep the hairs short and avoid spikes and funky looks

3. Keep your face clean, show them your ears
Yes! It’s true, show your ears! Ever wondered about the logic behind the passport pictures & visa ones require special case concern It’s the logic of making all your face visible to the decisive party. Both male & female need to groom their hair do in such a way that the ears are visible and tidy

4. Nails are important too!
Make sure that your nails are trimmed and filed nicely. In case the nail paints are concerned use solid colors. When your nails are grown and filed, make sure they are blunt and do not hurt anyone. Boys should also keep their nails neat filed and short. Remove the dead skin when necessary.

5. Pair of shoes add glory to your attire
Make sure to wear shoes that match your outfit. Avoid wearing shoes with patterns. Prefer black shoes over the colors. Bellies are the most common formal wear among girls. Boys should wear formal shoes with black socks most of the time

Blog Written By: Moina Munshi